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The 1-1/2″ T-Grid System is designed for Class 10,000 and 100,000 Cleanrooms or ISO Classes 7 to 9.

Standard opening sizes are 22-1/2″ x 46-1/2″ for accepting Fan Filter Units, Cleanguard Ceiling Panels or cleanroom light fixtures.

The white closed foam cell gasket is factory applied for best results, with compression sealing the gaps between system members (i.e., main tees to cross tees and wall angle) and other components.

The G30 hot dipped galvanized steel body and cap, painted flat white provide unequaled corrosion protection and also meet or exceed all national code requirements, including seismic.

Installation and assembly requires no special tools.

Ordering Information
White Painted Galvanized Steel
Part No. Description
148185 12′ Main T
148186 2′ Cross T (22.5″)
148187 4′ Cross T (46.5″)
148188 12′ Wall angle 7/8″ x 7/8″
148190 Hold Down Clip
Load Specifications for 1 1/2″ T-Grid System
Web Height Span Hanger Wire Spacing Spacing of Main Tees Rated Load 1,2,3,4
1 1/2″ 48″ 48″ 16.0
  • Load test data shows uniform load in Lbs./LF. based on simple span tests in accordance with ASTM C635 deflection limit on L360.
  • Do not use standard lay-in light fixtures with this system.
  • HEPA filters must be supported at all four corners on grid module.
  • Load test recommendations outlined here should not be exceeded, nor should the components be deflected more than 1/360th of the span. Use a minimum 12 gauge wire to support all filter units and light fixtures.

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