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Standard Specifications — Recirculating Fan Cabinets

Fan cabinets are constructed of 18-20ga Galvanized Steel with 14-16ga internal channels and braces. Cabinets are supplied with removable access panels for serviceability of motor and blower(s). Fan cabinets can be furnished with provision for suspension or mezzanine mount applications.

Standard configuration is back inlet, top horizontal discharge. Other configurations are available.

Cabinets are lined with 1″ thick insulation to minimize sound and loss of temperature
control. Standard insulation is a non-shedding liner, secured to the internal surfaces of the fan cabinet with approved adhesive. All exposed edges of the liner are sealed.

Internally Isolated Motor Blower Assembly
Standard configuration is a single motor and a single blower installed on a common frame which is mounted to the cabinet with adjustable spring isolators. Multiple blowers with a common shaft and motor are available for a lower profile cabinet.

  • Blower: Double inlet, forward curve, centrifugal blower, painted steel
  • Motor: Open drip proof, standard efficiency, 120v-208/230v Single Phase or 208/230v-460/480v, Three Phase available.
  • Bearings: Sealed ball bearing
  • Shaft: Solid shaft with flats and/or keyways
  • Sheaves: Adjustable drive sheave and fixed blower sheave

Units built to required CFM with capacity to overcome customer specified system static pressure.

Standard Prefilters are 2″ or 4″ thick, 30% ASHRAE supplied in a face load Prefilter frame
for ambient return air.

Cooling Coils
Chilled water or DX coils can be added with or without drip pans for temperature and/or
humidity control.

Partial list of options

  • Cabinet: Painted steel, Stainless Steel Construction Configuration
  • Discharge: Bottom Horizontal, Bottom, Top
  • Inlet: Side, Bottom, Top