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We are experts at integrating SAM Fan Filter Units into…

Legend Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms.
Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms.
• Environmental Control Products.
• Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms by others.
• Clean Benches and Workstations.
• Over Conveyors, Workstations, Special Equipment and Freestanding Machinery.

A standard SAM unit is routinely used for these products or a custom unit is designed to fit the application.

Benefits of choosing SAM Units:

• Our exclusive state-of-the-art SAMlink Control System allows complete control from a remote panel or PC. Linked individually or in groups, an operator can increase or reduce airflow to a selected area, which results in lower operating costs during off-peak hours.
• Can be used in either a horizontal or vertical flow position.
• Factory-installed options are available.
• A range of 2ft., 4ft., 6ft., and 4ft. x 4ft. models are available
• Short lead times.

Demanding and Unique Applications

Designing Flexible Solutions is standard operating procedure at Clean Rooms International Inc. Our engineering staff specializes in designing customized solutions for demanding and unique applications.

Wall Mounted SAM Units

For certain applications it may be desirable to mount SAM Units on a wall in a horizontal position as illustrated. Clean air flows horizontally across a room or enclosure rather than vertically.

No Limits

SAM Walls can be designed and built with the number of units limited only by the size and configuration of the room or enclosure. The rear view is most often adjacent to a hallway outside the cleanroom, allowing easy access for servicing the SAM units when necessary.

Refer to our SAMlink Control System (on a following page) to appreciate the flexibility, and energy efficiency in networking with any SAM Wall configuration.

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