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Prevent spread of Contaminants
The Cleanmaster HEPA Air Purifier is ideal for use as a Patient Isolator, helping to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants.

Contaminating bacteria, spores and other microorganisms are carried in the airstream through an odor absorbing charcoal filter, then through an extended media prefilter. Final filtration is provided by a HEPA filter, 99.99% eff. @ .3 micron or larger which is tested according to accepted procedures as described by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST) and/or ISO standards.

Variable Speed Control
Airflow is controlled by a solid state variable speed control with RFI suppression and ranges from 450-600 CFM. HEPA filtered air is exhausted out of the unit through a top mounted discharge grille or optional adapters are available for discharging air into a host building HVAC system.

Germicidal Lamp
Model No. 16503 is equipped with a Germicidal lamp to help kill bacteria in the airstream.

Tamperproof Controls
Units are powered by a 115 volt, 60 Hz, single phase motor and each unit features a solid state variable speed control with RFI suppression, a magnehelic gage for monitoring the filter condition, a pilot light and an eight (8) foot power cord. All the controls for the units are located under a clear tamperproof cover.

Easy to Move
HEPA Air Purifiers are equipped with four casters resulting in an easy to move unit. When the unit is placed in its preferred location, casters can be locked to prevent movement.

Replaceable Filters
Prefilters are replaced by removing the front grille and the HEPA filter is replaced by removing the rear access panel.

Suitable for Hospitals or Healthcare Facilities
Housings have a durable white stippled powder coat finish and will blend into the décor of a hospital or healthcare facility.

Ordering Information
Model No. Description
16500 115V, 60Hz, Complete w/Casters & Top Grille
16503 115V, 60Hz, Complete w/Germicidal Light, Casters & Top Grille
Model No. Description
503261 Rectangular Back Exhaust Adapter
503262 Back Exhaust Adapter with Duct Collar
Replacement Parts
Mfg. Code Description
302030 HEPA Filter
302190 Prefilter 20” x 20” x 1”
302193 Charcoal Prefilter 20” x 20” x 1”
503287 Top Exhaust Grille
503283 Front Intake Grille
703745 Replacement UV Light, G30 T8
703748 Replacement Ballast for UV Light
703890 On/Off Switch
703902 Eight (8) foot Power Cord
703910 Variable Speed Control
805083 Swivel Caster w/Brake, 3″ x 1-7/8”