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Clean Rooms International is taking action in response to the urgent needs presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. To support life-sustaining and essential service providers, the company has reconfigured stock products for conversion of patient care rooms to negative pressure rooms due to shortages of Airborne Infectious Isolation (A.I.I.) Rooms.


Our SAM MS Fan Filter Units may be inverted and placed into a ceiling or ceiling grid system and integrated with a hood with either a 10” or 12” duct collar attachment. The duct work can be exhausted or integrated into an existing fan powered exhaust system.



SAM MS GS, SAM MS NCRSAM MS 3S NCR and SAM MS 3S GS units are easily vertically mounted to a cradle and equipped with a power cord and hood to provide a mobile HEPA solution to bring a room under negative pressure. The hood is available with either a 10” or 12” duct collar adaptor to exhaust the air from the room via duct work.

Solution Options

This is a helpful link to determine what solution may work best for you: ASHRAE COVID-19 Suggestions


Excerpt from ASHRAE COVID-19 Suggestions. See linked .pdf for details.

These products are intended for immediate needs for healthcare systems that cannot wait the standard lead times for Reverse Flow SAM units.