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Isolation Systems and Work Stations Built to Order

Specials are standard at Clean Rooms International, Inc. If you have a unique problem, we have the expertise required to solve it. We’ll develop a creative solution for adding clean air, extracting contaminants, isolating a major problem area, and more.

Unlike companies that offer either commodity products or custom installations, we do both. This allows our engineering staff to meet your requirements with maximum efficiency and expertise. We build a wide variety of products for isolating manufacturing processes or for research and development, from individual workstations to complete isolation systems.

Everything we do in this area is customer driven. You tell us the problem you would like to solve or your needs for a manufacturing process or environment, and we will develop an approach that’s every bit as unique as your business. Working with us to isolate or control an environment is limited only by your imagination.

Clean Rooms International, Inc. has been providing isolation solutions since 1982, and our key staff members have 100 years of combined experience in the field.

Consult with your area representative or our factory on your next project.