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General Specifications

The filter housing and plenum shall be fabricated from 16 gauge steel, reinforced and braced for rigidity. Housing shall be furnished with suspension support fittings to receive 3/8” threaded rod hangers supplied by others.

The fan cabinet shall be fabricated from 16 gauge steel depending on the configuration. Fan cabinet shall be furnished with minimum four (4) suspension support fittings to receive 3/8” threaded rod hangers supplied by others.

Housings shall be finished with a white protective enamel and sealed at all joints in the positive pressure area with a silicone sealant.

All interior surfaces of cabinet shall be acoustically lined with a non-shedding insulation and secured with adhesive.  All exposed edges and joints shall be sealed to prevent fraying.

Blower shall be belt driven, forward curved centrifugal type, dynamically balanced and tested prior to being installed within cabinet.

Bearings shall be sealed ball type with locking collar.

Steel shaft shall be provided with flats for blowers and keyway to secure driven pulley.

Open drip proof 60 hz motor mounted on an adjustable slide base  with rubber isolators. Thermally protected and fused motor is rated for continuous duty. Standard voltage is 115 with optional 208/230V and  460/480V.

Drive pulley shall be adjustable to allow speed ratio variations of up to 30 percent. Drive belt shall be of a non-static generating type V-belt and rated at 150 percent of motor horsepower.

An access panel shall be installed in the Motor/Blower housing to serve the blower, motor drives and electrical connections.

HEPA Filters:
Multiple Gel Seal Style HEPA filters have rated efficiency standard of 99.99% at 0.3 micron.  Each filter has an initial pressure drop not to exceed .5” W.G. at 800 CFM rated air flow.  An access port with removable plug located in the center of each filter element face is provided for introducing an upstream challenge or measuring static pressure.  HEPA filters are replaceable from roomside.

Removable prefilters having an efficiency rating of 30 percent ASHRAE shall be installed on the air intake opening. Prefilters and eggcrate face grilles are held in place by a removable retaining strip.

HEPA filters are protected by eggcrate grilles.

CRI provides an ON/OFF switch and junction box located inside the fan cabinet for connecting to the building power source.  Electrical connections to building power source shall be done on site by a qualified electrician at buyers cost.

Light Options
Light Option A
Light Option B
Light Option C
Additional Options
Stainless Steel Construction
ULPA Filter 99.9995% eff. @ 0.12 micron or larger
Vinyl Curtains, Regular or Anti-Static
Control Panel, Static Control
Magnehelic Gage

Schedule for Standard LFM

Size, CFM and Filter Schedule
ModelSizeNominal Filter
Area Sq. Ft.
A         B          C            D
1764044 x 416221600.5 – .754′4′20″44″
1764064 x 624322400.75 – 16′4′20″44″
1764084 x 832423200.75 – 18′4′20″44″
1764104 x 10405240001 – 1.510′4′20″44″
1764124 x 12486248001.5 – 212′4′20″47″
1766046 x 424232400.75 – 14′6′20″44″
1766066 x 6363336001 – 1.56′6′20″44″
1766086 x 8484348001.5 – 28′6′20″44″
1766106 x 10605360002 – 310′6′20″44″
1766126 x 12726372002 – 312′6′20″47″

* HP based on .7 “TSP” W.G.

For more information, please consult with our factory.