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Magnehelic Gages —
Measure Blower Pressure, Filter Resistance and Room Pressure Drop

Magnehelic Gages
Model No. Description
803999 .5” Magnehelic Gage (Gage Only)
804000 1.0” Magnehelic Gage (Gage Only)
804010 2.0” Magnehelic Gage (Gage Only)
Static Pressure Chart
For Room Static Pressure -0.25 to + .25
For Prefilter Resistance 0 to + .5
For HEPA Filter Resistance 0 to + 2.0
Flush Mounted Gage
Model No. Description
19802 2.0” Magnehelic Gage (*Mounted Flush in Housing)

* See Locations A, C, or E.

Choice of Several Locations (See Illustrations)

Ports Installed In Housing
(For Remote Gage)
Model No. Description
19801 2.0” Magnehelic Gage (*Including Ports in Housing)
19803 (1) Port Only, Magnehelic Gage Supplied By Others

* See Locations A, B, C, D, or E.