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Versatile and Affordable

Legend pre-engineered, modular design cleanrooms are cost effective without the inconvenience of conventional “stick-built” construction.

Legend is available with 2” or 3” walls and its non-progressive construction design allows flexibility to expand or change the configuration as needed in the future.

The look of Legend reflects the quality of the system. Its clean visually appealing design utilizes aluminum framed wall panels with a durable white finish.

SAMlink Control Systems

SAMlink Control Systems are designed to adjust airflow to selected areas. Utilizing the setback feature during off- peak hours results in lower operating costs. Click on SAMlink for more information.

Pre-Engineered For On-Site Assembly

Ceiling and wall panels, framing and ceiling T-bar are pre-cut at our factory for assembly on site, resulting in reduced installation time. A complete set of assembly drawings is provided for the installation.

Legend is a brand name owned by Clean Rooms International Inc.

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