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QS (Quick-Ship) Series Softwall Cleanrooms

Ship Within 2 Weeks A.R.O.*

Easy To Install in One day / Unmatched Structural Integrity / Easy To Upgrade

Classifications Offered:

• ISO Class 6, 7, & 8
• Federal Standard 209 Class 1,000, 10,000, & 100,000

QS Series Flexible Solutions Standard Specifications

Frame: Prefabricated white painted steel frame.

Leg: Bottom base plate with four (4) mounting holes.

Ceiling System: Painted support structure and aluminum T-Grid.

Curtain Panels: All sides are enclosed with clear vinyl 40 mil curtain panels. Length is pre-engineered for proper air flow relief, appropriate for size and classification.

Entry Door: Via a 4’ strip door consisting of 8” 80 mil clear vinyl strips overlapped 2”.

Interior Height: Eight (8) Feet.

Lighting: 2’ x 4’ LED cleanroom light fixtures with sealed housings and polystyrene lens.

Ceiling Panels: Cleanguard ceiling panels with sealed edges and white vinyl laminate on one side for spaces not occupied by SAM® Fan Filter Units or light fixtures.

HEPA Filters: SAM® 2’ x 4’ Fan Filter Units, 115V manufactured by Clean Rooms International.

Assembly: Detailed assembly instructions included with shipment.

Ordering Information
Model No.Sizes W LInside Ceiling Ht.VoltsNo. SAM’sNo. LightsCeiling Panels4′-0″ DoorLegs
(ISO Class 6) Class 1,000
100068′ x 8′8′115V22414*
100078′ x 10′8′115V32514*
100088′ x 12′8′115V43514*
100108′ x 16′8′115V54716
1001110′ x 12′8′115V53714*
1001210′ x 16′8′115V641016
1001312′ x 12′8′115V54914*
1001412′ x 16′8′115V751216
1001512′ x 20′8′115V961516
1001612′ x 24′8′115V1171816
(ISO Class 7) Class 10,000
100228′ x 8′8′115V12514*
100238′ x 10′8′115V22614*
100248′ x 12′8′115V23714*
100268′ x 16′8′115V241016
1002710′ x 12′8′115V231014*
1002810′ x 16′8′115V341316
1002912′ x 12′8′115V341114*
1003012′ x 16′8′115V351616
1003112′ x 20′8′115V462014*
1003212′ x 24′8′115V572416
(ISO Class 8) Class 100,000
100388′ x 8′8′115V12514*
100398′ x 10′8′115V12714*
100408′ x 12′8′115V13814*
100428′ x 16′8′115V141116
1004310′ x 12′8′115V131114*
1004410′ x 16′8′115V141516
1004512′ x 12′8′115V141314*
1004612′ x 16′8′115V251716
1004712′ x 20′8′115V262216
1004812′ x 24′8′115V272716
  • Note: No dimension modifications are available for the QS Series.
  • * Available with castors. Refer to a following page.
  • See a following page for electrical options.

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