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Built To Order 4′ x 4′ Units
Featuring Motor Blower Assemblies and HEPA Filters Replaceable from Roomside

SAM 44 GS Fan Filter Units feature HEPA or ULPA grade final filters replaceable from roomside.

All standard SAM 44 Fan Filter Units include HEPA or ULPA grade filters, seismic clip suspension points, safety switch which disables the unit while servicing, and solid state variable speed control with RFI suppression, allowing the airflow to be fine tuned.

Removing the polystyrene eggcrate grille with an anodized aluminum frame, permits removal of the final filter without removing the unit from the ceiling. Optional perforated stainless steel or aluminum grilles are available.

Removable from roomside motor blower assemblies are chosen after consulting with our sales and engineering departments. Voltages range from 115 to 277 volt single phase, 50/60hz or 208 to 480 volt, three phase.

Choices for final filters are Gel Seal HEPA  grade 99.99% eff. @ 0.3 micron or ULPA grade 99.9995% eff. @ 0.12 micron or larger.

Final filters are protected with a white epoxy diamond pattern grille and are tested according to accepted procedures as described by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST) and/or ISO standards.

Consult with one of our cleanroom experts in your area, or call the factory for more information.

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Ordering Information
Mfg. Code Model or Description Style Size Motor Voltage Hz Watts FLA Weight
12399 SAM24 GS GS 4×4 * * * * * *

Motor Blower Selection wil determine these items.

Replacement Filters
Mfg. Code Description
302200 Units with two filters: GS Style HEPA Filter, 99.99% eff. @ 0.3 micron
302203 Units with two filters: GS Style ULPA Filter, 99.9995% eff. @ 0.12 micron
Units with single filters are built to order. Consult with CRI factory.