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1/5 HP
3-Speed Fan Powered Filter Module
Low Sound, Economical

SAM MS 3-S Fan Filter Units provide quiet performance and economy while delivering 90 FPM airflow velocities, perfect for most cleanroom applications. Base design includes a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter, a prefilter and a 3-speed switch with an off position which disables the unit while servicing.

Housings are fabricated from steel with a white powdercoat finish and include seismic clip suspension points.

The 1/5 HP motor blower is a forward curved direct drive motor/blower assembly with isolation mounts. Units are available in 115 Volt (60 Hz) and 277 Volt (60 Hz).

Final filters are protected with a white epoxy diamond pattern grille and are tested according to accepted procedures as described by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST) and/or ISO standards. The standard HEPA filter is 99.99% eff. and an ULPA grade 99.9995% eff. filter is available as an option.

A polystyrene eggcrate grille in an anodized aluminum frame hinged to open is included, permitting removal of the filter without removing the unit from the ceiling. Optional perforated stainless steel or aluminum grilles are available.

Other popular options include an 8’ power cord (115 Volt only). Refer to the back of this section for more options and accessories.


SAM is a registered trademark owned by Clean Rooms International Inc.

GS Style Filter Data: The HEPA Filter is designed for 90 FPM average face velocity @ initial 0.47 w.g. and has a rated efficiency of 99.99% @ 0.3 micron or larger.

An anodized aluminum frame holds the 53mm media which is protected by a diamond pattern white epoxy coated steel grille. Final filters are replaceable from roomside.

 Access Port: This port is located in the center of the filter element face and is used for introducing an upstream challenge or measuring static pressure.

 Air Flow: Airflow ranges from 340 to 640 CFM for a 2 x 4 unit and 220 to 340 CFM for a 2 x 2 unit. At 90 FPM, CFM is nominal 510 on a 2 x 4 and 220 on a 2 x 2 unit respectively.

General Information:

Standard Ceiling Size: All 2’ x 4’ models are designed to fit a nominal 2’ x 4’ ceiling grid with a 22.5″ x 46.5″ standard opening.

Sound Level: At average face velocity of 90 FPM measured 30″ from face of filter, sound level is approximately 50-52 dba with less than 45 dba ambient sound level. Field conditions, voltage and method of testing could produce different results.

Popular Options: Scroll down below the tables for a list of popular options.

Motor Data
MotorVoltageHzAmpsStart-Up Amps (1, 2)
1/5 HP115601.451.952.851.702.605.0
1/5 HP277600.520.711.10.600.851.5
  1. Line voltage can affect actual start-up amperage
  2. Use standard NEC tables for sizing circuits
Replacement Filters
Mfg. CodeDescription
3022012 x 2 GS Style HEPA Filter, 99.99% eff. @ 0.3 micron
3022042 x 2 GS Style ULPA Filter, 99.9995% eff. @ 0.12 micron
3022142 x 3 GS Style HEPA Filter, 99.99% eff. @ 0.3 micron
3022152 x 3 GS Style ULPA Filter, 99.9995% eff. @ 0.12 micron
3022002 x 4 GS Style HEPA Filter, 99.99% eff. @ 0.3 micron
3022032 x 4 GS Style ULPA Filter, 99.9995% eff. @ 0.12 micron
302190Prefilter 20″x20″x1″, 30% ASHRAE efficient, pleated type
Base Model
(Ordering Information)
Mfg. CodeModel or DescriptionStyleSizeVoltageMotorHEPA FilterWeight
12341SAM22 MS 3S GS*GS2×21151/5 HP30220172 lbs. (32.7 kg.)
12342SAM22 MS 3S GS*GS2×22771/5 HP30220172 lbs. (32.7 kg.)
12345SAM23 MS 3S GS*GS2×31151/5 HP30221483 lbs. (37.6 kg.)
12346SAM23 MS 3S GS*GS2×32771/5 HP30221483 lbs. (37.6 kg.)
12349SAM24 MS 3S GS*GS2×41151/5 HP30220091 lbs. (41.3 kg.)
12350SAM24 MS 3S GS*GS2×42771/5 HP30220091 lbs. (41.3 kg.)

* UL Listed
3 Speed Switch Standard on all Models

Popular Options: (Consult with factory for other possible options)
Speed Control:Pilot Light:
SAMLink Remote Speed Control System19702  GS/CRF Style Red Pilot Light- factory mounted in grille frame (Light Indicates Power to Motor)
Solid State Variable Speed Controller19703  GS/CRF Style Red Pilot Light w/Pressure Switch- factory mounted in grille frame (Light Indicates Air Flow)
Final Filters:Air Conditioning Mixing Box:
302204  2 x 2 GS ULPA Filter 99.9995% eff. 19958  Slanted Top with 10” Duct Collar
302214  2 x 3 GS ULPA Filter 99.9995% eff.19959  Slanted Top with 12” Duct Collar
302203  2 x 4 GS ULPA Filter 99.9995% eff.19947  Square with (2) 10” Duct Collars
Prefilters19948  Square with (2) 12” Duct Collars
302197  Extended Life Prefilter 20″ x 20″ x 2″Miscellaneous:
Grilles 1/8” Round Perforated: (40% open area)703902  8’ Power Cord 110-120V Only
19506  2 x 2 CRF Anodized Alum. Grille and Frame603322  Gasket on Downstream Edge of Unit
19507  2 x 4 CRF Anodized Alum. Grille and FrameMagnehelic Gage: Refer to the Back of this Section
19508  2 x 2 CRF Round Perf w/1/8” Holes, White Powdercoated Grille and FrameStatic Control: Refer to the Back of this Section
19509  2 x 4 CRF Round Perf w/1/8” Holes, White Powdercoated Grille and Frame
19511  2 x 4 CRF S.S. Rnd. Perf Grille w/Anodized Alum. Frame
19512  2 x 2 CRF S.S. Rnd. Perf Grille w/Anodized Alum. Frame
19514  2 x 4 CRF S.S. Perf Grille w/S.S Frame
Duct Collar Adapters:
19950  10” Duct Collar Adapter
19951  12” Duct Collar Adapter
19952  Side Load with 10” Duct Collar
19953  Side Load with 12” Duct Collar
19955  10” Top Load Duct Collar Adapter
19956  12” Top Load Duct Collar Adapter

NOTE: Duct collar adapters #19950 & #19951 may be used without negating the UL listing. All other duct collars, air conditioning boxes, pilot lights, and adding other electrical components negates UL listing.

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