SAM MicroSound 3S

Introducing our new SAM MicroSound 3S Fan Filter Unit
*Very low sound level*
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Key features include:

  • 99.99% eficient HEPA filter
  • 30% pleated prefilter
  • 3-speed switch with an Off position which disables the unit while servicing
  • UL Listed
  • Fast turnaround times on standard units
  • Many other options available

A Great addition to our line of SAM Fan Filter Units: 

SAM MicroSound units which feature low noise levels and energy efficient low watt motors.
SAM MicroSound ECM units which feature low noise levels and maintain a constant air flow.
SAM MicroWatt units which feature ultra low power consumption.
SAM Haz Loc units which feature electrical components meeting various Class and Division requirements for hazardous locations.
SAM RF (Reverse Flow) units when negative pressure is required.
SAM RSRM units which feature HEPA filters and motor replaceable from roomside.
SAM 24 H.O. (High Output) units which deliver up to 1000CFM.
SAM 26 Series units are ideal for workstations and special applications