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HEPA Filtered Walk-Thru Air Shower Chamber

Removes Particulate Contamination

Minimum Velocity of 5000FPM

Cleanroom Air Showers are designed to supply ISO Class 5 (Class 100) airflow while removing particulate contamination from personnel entering a cleanroom. An individual can stand or walk through the chamber and be scrubbed by pressurized air from nozzles at a minimum velocity of 5000 FPM.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filtered air flows through wall mounted nozzles and contaminated air is forced through secondary filters located near the floor.


Fluorescent lighting is provided in the ceiling.


Voltage options are 208-230, 50 or 60 Hz and 440/480 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz.


Air Showers are made from composition board covered with white high-pressure laminate on both inside and outside surfaces.

Doors are made of high quality anodized aluminum frame with 1/4 inch clear insert and push/pull hardware. The interlock system allows only one door at a time to be open and releases if the power fails.

An optional painted steel finish is available.


Air Showers are shipped in wooden crates for on-site assembly.

Typical Components
1Motor/Blower assembly
2Power control box
3Emergency release button
4HEPA Filter 99.97% effective on .3 micron particles
5Adjustable nozzles
6Fluorescent light fixture
7Automatic activated floor switch
8Anodized aluminum doors with plexiglas windows
9Microprocessor control panel, On/Off Lights, Reset and Alarm
10Access panels for easy maintenance
11Electric interlocking chamber
12Single connection junction box

Consult with factory for more information