Cleanroom Systems & Components

Cleanroom Systems & Components

Cleanroom Systems & Components

Cleanroom Systems & Components

Legend Modular Hardwall Cleanroom System

Legend pre-engineered, modular design cleanrooms are cost effective without the inconvenience of conventional “stick-built” construction.

Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms

Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms can control a variety of workspace environments. We offer both standard designs and custom-engineered options for unique applications.

T-Grid Systems

T-Grid Ceiling Systems enhance cleanroom security. Our state-of-the-art systems help tight-tolerance temperature and humidity-controlled environments conform with the latest government and industry standards.

Pass-Through Cabinets

Pass-Thru Cabinets help control contaminants entering the cleanroom during pick-up and delivery of products or supplies. Maintaining a clean environment, yield and productivity are increased as delivery personnel and contaminants remain outside the cleanroom.

Air Showers

Cleanroom Air Showers are designed to supply ISO Class 5 (Class 100) airflow while removing particulate contamination from personnel entering a cleanroom. An individual can stand or walk through the chamber and be scrubbed by pressurized air from nozzles at a minimum velocity of 5000 FPM.

Lights & Ceiling Panels

Cleanroom light fixtures are sealed fixtures made especially for cleanrooms, maintenance free. And Cleanguard Cleanroom Ceiling Panels feature factory-sealed edges and a white vinyl face.

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