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General Information

CFM Terminal Diffusers provide cost effective HEPA or ULPA filtered air for cleanrooms and laminar flow devices.

Worldwide applications include but are not limited to aerospace, automotive, electronics, plastics, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor manufacturing.

Available in 99.99% and 99.9995% efficiencies, each filter is tested to accepted procedures as described by the Institute of Environment Sciences (IEST) and/or ISO standards.


CFM Terminal Diffusers feature low pressure drop,  uniform airflow @ 100 FPM +/- 20%, 2″ high collar for a secure connection, and are lightweight  for easy installation.

General Specifications

• Anodized extruded aluminum frames.
• Potting material completely encapsulates pleats on all four sides.
• Hood is galvanized steel.
• Available with 10″ or 12″ duct collar.
• Damper is adjustable from roomside. (See a following page for detailed instructions)
• A white epoxy powder coated steel grille protects filter media from damage.
• Centerboard with access port for disc adjustment and challenge injection.
• Seismic holes or tabs provided for compliance with UBC requirements and standards.
• All Materials used shall be fire retardant and self extinguishing in accordance with Underwriter Laboratories UL 586 and UL900 Classifications.

NOTE: See GS Series for Gel Seal Style HEPA or ULPA filters that are replaceable from roomside. See GS LI Series for units that feature a 4-Lamp Flow-Thru Troffer as well as Gel Seal Style HEPA or ULPA filters that are roomside replaceable.

Damper Assembly Adjustment

With the 1/4” Flat head screw driver, remove the well nut from the centerboard, located in the center of the filter.
Using the same 1/4” Flat head screw driver, insert the screw driver blade through the opening in the centerboard to reach the adjustment screw, permanently attached to the damper plate. Turning the screw driver in a clockwise direction to close the damper and counter clockwise to open the damper.
After the damper adjustment has been made, remove the screwdriver from the opening and replace the well nut.

Ordering Information
Mfg. Code
HEPAClassNominal SizeActual Size (In)Inlet CollarMedia PackEfficiencyPres. Drop @ 100 FPMShip Weight
11145*UL 9002 x 223.62 x 23.62 x 5.31102.0″99.99% @ 0.30.54”wg25 lbs.
11146*UL 9002 x 223.62 x 23.62 x 5.31122.0″99.99% @ 0.30.54”wg25 lbs.
11147*UL 9002 x 423.62 x 47.62 x 5.31102.0″99.99% @ 0.30.54”wg32 lbs.
11148*UL 9002 x 423.62 x 47.62 x 5.31122.0″99.99% @ 0.30.54”wg32 lbs.
11149UL 9002 x 223.62 x 23.62 x 6.21102.5″99.9995% @ 0.120.70”wg25 lbs.
11150UL 9002 x 223.62 x 23.62 x 6.21122.5″99.9995% @ 0.120.70”wg25 lbs.
11151UL 9002 x 423.62 x 47.62 x 6.21102.5″99.9995% @ 0.120.70”wg32 lbs.
11152UL 9002 x 423.62 x 47.62 x 6.21122.5″99.9995% @ 0.120.70”wg32 lbs.

* Stock Item

Optional Thermal Insulation
Mfg. Code
190042 x 2 Insulation Blanket, 1.5” Foil
190052 x 4 Insulation Blanket, 1.5” Foil

Consult Factory for Grille Options

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