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SAM Units Meet Your Most Exacting Cleanroom Specifications

SAM Fan Filter Units are self-contained, motorized Supply Air Modules equipped with either HEPA or ULPA filters.

SAM GS Units permit the removal of the HEPA or ULPA filters from roomside without removing the complete unit from the ceiling. GS Units feature an upstream gel channel on the final filter which provides a leak-free seal between the filter and housing.

SAM NCR Style filters can be replaced when complete unit is removed from the ceiling.

SAM MicroSound units feature low noise levels and energy efficient low watt motors.

SAM MicroSound 3S units feature low noise levels and energy efficient low watt motors with a 3-speed switch.

SAM MicroSound ECM units feature low noise levels and maintain a constant air flow.

SAM Haz Loc units feature electrical components meeting various Class and Division requirements for hazardous locations.

Key features include:

  • Powered by energy efficient EBM motors.
  • SAM units with EBM motors are compatible with our CRI SAMlink Control System.
  • Four seismic clips at all corners provide strong suspension points for meeting seismic requirements.
  • Solid-state variable speed control with RFI suppression allows each unit to be fine tuned for room air flow requirements.
  • Most units are UL Listed with all electrical components UL Listed or UL Recognized.
  • Housings are fabricated from steel with a white powder coat finish, aluminum or stainless steel.

It is easy to see why SAM is the most trusted name in a cleanroom.

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