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General Information

SAMlink Control Systems are designed to control  SAM units from a remote console or panel. Linked individually or in groups, an operator can increase or reduce airflow to a selected area and utilize the set back feature during off-peak hours, resulting in lower operating costs.

Our exclusive state-of-the-art, reasonably priced fan filter control systems utilize our standard 115 volt and 277 volt, motor blower units without using high cost DC motors.

Precise Airflow Control

SAM units are controlled individually or in groups, typically 1-4 units per address.
• Fan speeds are set and/or adjusted from a console located outside the cleanroom without breaching the integrity of the cleanroom. Three levels of adjustment are possible:
… by Individual address
… per Cleanroom zone
… or, Globally (all addresses)
• The number of addresses is almost unlimited.
• Room or equipment layouts with unique airflow requirements are easy to set and control.

Lower Installation Cost

• Installation is seamless and quick. Fewer breaker lines reduce material and electrical contractor costs.
• Reductions in on-site power distribution wiring lower contractor labor cost.
• Installation cost is lower as a result of simplified balancing and adjusting capabilities along with reducing the time required at start-up.
• Reduced certification costs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

• Recalibration and balancing of rooms are simplified.
• Small zone shut-down enables isolated upgrade or maintenance operations to take place without disrupting or affecting the integrity of the cleanroom.

Soft Start Capability

SAMlink Systems with adjustable soft start holds start-up to under 0.8 amperes per 277 Volt SAM unit. This results in major cost savings during installation, reducing electrical breaker requirements by as much as 50%.

SAMlink Options

• HEPA or ULPA Filters with 70mm deep pleated design for increased operating efficiency.
• Choose either NCR or CRF Style SAM units.
• Single or multiple SAM units per control address with four per address is most common and economical.
• Factory wired junction boxes with integral distribution wiring. Substantially reduces on-site electrical work.

A typical SAMlink Control System consists of an address or groups of addresses with four or more  SAM units per address as shown in the top photo. Each address is controlled by a panel or wall mounted console as shown here. Each address includes the following components:

• Group of four (4) SAM 24 Fan Filter Units consisting of (1) Master Unit and (3) Slave Units.
• Choice of 115 or 277 volt AC impeller type motor blower assembly.
• Control Console, panel or wall mounted.
• With L.E.D. readout and user friendly control features.
• Wiring for each group of four (4) SAM units.
• HEPA or ULPA Filters with 53 mm media pack.

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