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Use a Reverse Flow Unit when Negative Pressure is Required

Ordering Information
Mfg. CodeModel or DescriptionSizeVoltageMfg. CodeModel or DescriptionSizeVoltage
12370SAM22 RF NCR2×211512371SAM22 RF NCR2×2277
12372SAM22 RF GS2×211512373SAM22 RF GS2×2277
12374SAM22 RF GS LI2×211512375SAM22 RF GS LI2×2277
12376SAM24 RF NCR2×411512377SAM24 RF NCR2×4277
12378SAM24 RF GS2×411512379SAM24 RF GS2×4277
12380SAM24 RF GS LI2×411512381SAM24 RF GS LI2×4277

Note: Consult with the factory for replacement filters

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