Teardrop Lighting

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Teardrop Lighting

Teardrop Lighting

Air Foil Design

Minimizes turbulence in cleanrooms requiring a unidirectional air flow.

Applications include but not limited to cleanrooms, technical and biomedical labs, food processing centers and pharmaceutical labs.

Smooth Environmental Side

A one-piece, clear extruded, prismatic acrylic lens with internal horizontal prism pattern maintains a smooth environmental side. White, closed cell gasketing seals the lens to end caps and prevents entrapment of biohazardous contaminants.

Sealed End Caps

Housings are die-formed, 22 ga. CRS with 16 ga., spot welded and sealed end caps.

A standard 4’ fixture is equipped with a 120-277 Multi-voltage T8 electronic ballast and receptacles to accept one F32 T8 fluorescent lamp tube (lamp tube not included).

Regulatory Compliance

These luminaries are UL listed and CSA certified for wet locations and are manufactured in accordance with USDA, FDA, and NSF guidelines. All fixtures have been tested and reported in compliance with Federal Standard 209.

Mounting Data

Illustration A (below) shows the power connection through the top of the fixture and the T-Bar. A hole must be drilled in the T-Bar for allowing the wires to pass through. Knockouts are located on each end of the top surface for allowing power connections. The fixture is secured to the T-Bar through the holes located on the top of the fixture as shown in Illustration B (below).

Illustration B (below) is same as A but with an exploded view of the fixture. Illustration C (below) is an exploded view showing the power connection at the end of the fixture.

Knockouts are provided on each end cap for allowing power connections. The fixture is secured to the T-Bar thru holes located on the top of the fixture as shown. This method is suitable for continuous row mounting.

Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings

Teardrop Lighting

Mounting Data A, B, and C

End view of Teardrop Lighting

Mounting Diagram

Ordering Information

Part No.

Nominal Size










50/60 Hz

T8 Electronic



12 lbs (5.5kg)


Replacement Teardrop Lens







* 1 120V = .26 amps, 277V = .12 amps

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