Magnehelic Gauges

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Magnehelic Gauges

Magnehelic Gauges

Key Features

  • Measure blower pressure, filter resistance, and room pressure drop.

Mfg. code

Model or Description


.5” Magnehelic Gauge (Gauge Only)


1.0” Magnehelic Gauge (Gauge Only)


2.0” Magnehelic Gauge (Gauge Only)

Static Pressure Chart

Static Pressure Chart

For Room Static Pressure

-0.25 to + .25

For Prefilter Resistance

0 to + .5

For HEPA Filter Resistance

0 to + 2.0

Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings

Exhibit A: SAM® NCR Style

Exhibit B: SAM® NCR and GS style

Mfg. code

Model or Description


2.0” Magnehelic Gauge (*Mounted Flush in Housing)


* See Locations A, C, or E on Exhibit A above.

Mfg. code

Model or Description


2.0” Magnehelic Gauge (*Including Ports in Housing)


(1) Port Only, Magnehelic Gauge Supplied By Others


*See Locations A, B, C, D, or E on Exhibit B above.

Gauge Options

Gauge Options

Multiple locations are possible. ("A-A"/"A-B" designate orientation)

8’ x 8’ Softwall Cleanroom. Option "A-A" and "A-B".

Option "C"

Vertical Flow Clean Bench. Option "A-A" and "B".

Dual Megnehelic Gauges Measure Prefilter and HEPA/ULPA Filter Resistance.

Horizontal Flow Clean Bench. Option "A-A".

Examples of CRI Surface Mounted Control Panels

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