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Electrical Option —

SAM Fan Filter Units and Light Fixtures are equipped with power cords for plugging into receptacles mounted on a top cross rail.

Receptacle(s) are connected to flexible conduit which connects to a field connection junction box.

A qualified electrician can then connect the host building power to the QS Softwall Cleanroom.

A control box mounted on a leg is equipped with switches for the SAM Units and Light Fixtures. The number of switches will be appropriate or in direct proportion to the number of SAM units and light fixtures.

Connecting to the building power source and compliance with state, city, county or township codes is the responsibility of the buyer.

Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms are considered a piece of equipment and are in compliance with accepted national practices for wiring of equipment.

Lead time for the electrical option requires an additional 5 business days. Consult with the factory for more information.

Caster Information —

General Information

Adding a Caster Package permits the Softwall Cleanroom to be moved from one location to another.

All casters are polyurethane swivel type and are equipped with brakes (Fig. 2) to prevent movement when the cleanroom is in use.

To insure stability during a move, Caster Option 1 includes up to (8) Diagonal braces (Fig. 3). Cleanrooms with 1-4 sides consisting of all strips utilize two (2) Diagonal braces per side as shown on Fig. 1. Diagonal braces can also be used on sides with solid curtains.

Caster Option 2 includes three (3) Leg Stabilizers for sides with solid curtains as shown in Fig. 4.

Lead Time

Lead time for the electrical option requires an additional 5 business days. Consult with the factory for more information.

Ordering Information

805079…………..Casters, 4” x 2”  w/brake (4) req’d.
966002…………..Diagonal Brace
966018…………..8 Ft. Leg Stabilizer
966019…………..10 Ft. Leg Stabilizer
966020…………..12 Ft. Leg Stabilizer

Moving a portable Softwall Cleanroom may involve some risk and danger to the equipment or personnel. Observe all appropriate safety regulations when moving a Softwall Cleanroom equipped with casters.

DO NOT allow personnel to be inside the cleanroom during the moving process.

DO NOT attempt to move cleanroom across uneven or inclined surfaces.

When moving a portable cleanroom, DO NOT use a fork lift, portable hoist, pallet jack or other lifting devices. Use at least one person per leg when moving the cleanroom.

Curtain Information —

Curtain Panels:
Softwall Cleanrooms designed with standard 40 mil curtain panels are supplied with an anodized aluminum mounting track. (Fig. 1)

Our engineers factor in the desired velocity and choose the appropriate curtain length for each cleanroom, resulting in proper airflow relief.

Curtain Panel Options:
Clear vinyl and antistatic curtain panels are also available in 20, 40, 60 and 80 mil thicknesses. Frosted curtains and various colors including Yellow/Amber, Smoke and Black Opaque are available, as well

Mounting Options:
Curtains may be be ordered with Dual Lock or Velcro attached to the tops and sides for attaching to the frame. After the mated piece is attached to the frame on site, the curtain panel is then attached to the frame. Both options ensure a tight seal around the edges at a reasonable cost. Consult with our factory for the proper curtain attachment for your application. (Fig. 2)

Standard Strip Door and Options:
Our standard 4’ strip door consists of 8″ 80 mil clear vinyl strips overlapped 2″. Individual strips are factory installed on an aluminum mounting track. The strip door is attached to the cleanroom frame on-site during assembly. (Fig. 3, 4 & 5)

Optional strip doors with alternating frosted strips reduces friction between the strips and extends the life of the door. (Fig. 5)

Maintenance and Cleaning:
Click here for maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Additional Options —

Magnehelic Gages:
Monitoring the static pressure within the room can be accomplished by adding a Magnehelic Gage. (Fig. 6)

Perimeter Facia:
An attractive white painted sheet metal perimeter facia (Fig. 7) prevents viewing the ceiling components from outside the room.

Telescoping Legs:
Legs are adjusted by removing the pin, sliding the leg to another desired height, and replacing the pin. (Fig. 8) This feature is useful when the cleanroom must be moved through a doorway to another area.

More Options:
Consult with your area representative or the CRI factory for your unique requirements.

[Click here for a PDF of Electrical and Caster information.]

[Click here for a PDF of Curtain information.]

[Click here for a PDF of other Softwall Cleanroom options.]